Hanukkah Crafts

Hanukkah is a popular Jewish festival that celebrates the victory of the Jews over the Syrian-Greeks. These printable fun Hanukkah crafts help your child celebrate the Jewish ‘Festival of Lights.’

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The Story of Hanukkah – Through Free Hanukkah Crafts

Under the leadership of King Antiochus, the Syrian-Greeks seized the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem in 168 B.C. They dedicated the temple to the Greek God Zeus and forced the Jews to give up their religion and worship Greek gods instead. The observance of Judaism became an offence punished by death.

The Jews were understandably upset and formed an army of rebels known as the Maccabees. These rebels fought against the Syrian-Greeks and ultimately defeated them and regained control of the Jewish Temple. By this time, however, the Syrian-Greeks had defiled the temple by worshipping their gods and sacrificing swine – practices which are forbidden in Judaism.

This required the temple to be purified by burning ritual olive oil in the Menorah before it could be rededicated. To their dismay, the Jews discovered that there was only oil enough for a single day left in the Temple. It would be another 8 days before a sufficient quantity oil could be procured for the rededication. Those determined people lit the menorah anyway, and to their surprise, the oil lasted for a full 8 days.

And that is how the miracle of Hanukkah came to be celebrated every year during the Hebrew month of Kislev.

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