Hanukkah Coloring Pages

Help your kids learn about the ‘Festival of Lights’ with these free printable Hanukkah Coloring Pages that are easy and interesting and very very fun!

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Little known (but interesting) Facts about Hanukkah

  • The Maccabees were the world’s first ideological fighters – priests and academics – driven to fight when their faith was threatened. They used the techniques of guerilla warfare – attacking the enemy by stealth and cunning.
  • The priests involved in the rededication of the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem wanted to use an unbroken flask of pure olive oil to light the candles on the Menorah. This gave birth to the tradition of frying latkes and doughnuts in olive oil to celebrate this festival.
  • The original Menorah was crafted out of solid gold. Israeli scientists and artists collaborated in a bid to replicate this masterpiece and came up with a (nearly) identical menorah that reportedly cost $ 3 million and is housed in the old city of Jerusalem.
  • Lighting the candles of the Menorah is a symbolical act that stands for the light of the soul emanating outside its physical container to light up the world. If you have only 8 candles and your neighbor has none, it is better to share what you have with him and doing without them later.

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