Hanukkah Activities

Hanukkah is a wonderful opportunity to share Jewish stories and traditions with your child. Check out these printable Hanukkah activities to help your child learn about the ‘Festival of Lights.’

We also have free Hanukkah worksheets, coloring pages and crafts for you!

Traditions Associated with Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a celebration of the Jewish people over the Syrian Greek Antiochus who tried to compel them to worship Greek gods. Here are some of the popular traditions associated with the Jewish festival:

  1. Exchanging gifts
    Like festivals celebrated in other cultures, Hanukkah too has the custom of exchanging gifts, wherein children are given gifts of money. However, unlike Christmas, this has more to do with helping them learn the importance of charity.
  2. Lighting candles
    The ‘Festival of Lights’ gets its name from the custom of lighting the Menorah (a candlebrum with 9 branches). The number of candles to be lit increases each night, with 8 candles for the 8th night. The ‘shamash’ is an extra light that people light throughout the 8 days of the festival.
  3. Special foods
    Like other festivals, Hanukkah is celebrated with traditional foods. These are generally fried in olive oil in memory of the great miracle that was manifested during the rededication of Jerusalem’s Holy Temple after it was reclaimed by the Jews after their victory over the Syrian-Greeks.

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