Printable Kindergarten Resources Online

JumpStart is home to a large collection of free, printable kindergarten resources. Both parents and teachers can find plenty of fun activities, worksheets and lesson plans for math, reading, writing, science and arts. Work with JumpStart to ensure that your child is well prepared to begin school next year.


Kindergarten Resources

Keeping an energetic youngster productively engaged is no easy task. Luckily, JumpStart is here to help with a large collection of kindergarten resources - activities, worksheets and lesson plans, perfect for parents and teachers who want their child to have fun while learning important skills for school.

Prepare Your Child for School with JumpStart’s Kindergarten Resources

The kindergarten resources at JumpStart are designed to prepare 4 and 5 year olds for the different lessons that they will be introduced to in school. They cover topics like letter and number recognition, alphabet sounds, sentence building, skip counting, addition, subtraction and sorting. In short, your little one is introduced to the topics that are covered in all major kindergarten curriculum. If you want to prepare your child for a lifetime of academic success, there’s no better place to start than JumpStart.

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