English Resources

JumpStart has a large collection of English resources that will help kids learn and practice spelling, reading, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and more! Worksheets, activities, lesson plans and games are arranged according to grade and skill for easy access.

Parents, teachers and students can find a wide variety of English resources at JumpStart. Our large collection will benefit you whether you teach at a school, homeschool children, or just want to help your children with their homework.

Teach with JumpStart’s English Resources

JumpStart's English resources will help you teach students reading, writing, phonetics, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and more, while allowing you and your students to have a great time throughout. Learning and fun go hand in hand when you're using JumpStart's free English language resources. Better still, the learning can happen anywhere – in the car during a long-distance journey, at home after school, or during the lunch break at school! With JumpStart, learning English will never be the same again.

Easy-to-Use English Resources from JumpStart

The best thing about JumpStart’s English resources is that they’re easy to use and easily available. Just search for the one that meets your needs, preview the different options available, and print the ones you’d like to use. They’re free and they’re printable. So what are you waiting for?

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