Valentine’s Day Games

Looking for good Valentine’s Day games for kids? Wondering how to make sure the little ones enjoy themselves during your Valentine’s Day party? Here are some fun Valentine’s Day games for kids of all ages.

How Many Kisses

‘How Many Kisses’ is an ideal game for any Valentine’s Day party because it’s simple, requires hardly any effort, can be played by kids of all ages, and most importantly, promises an enviable reward for the winner.

Fill a transparent container with Hershey’s Kisses before the party begins. Make sure you count the Kisses as they go in! Once all the guests have arrived, gather them together and give each person a small piece of paper and a pen. Hold the container up and ask everyone to guess how many Kisses it contains. You can pass the container around as long as no one tries to open it. Each person writes their answer and name on the piece of paper and hands it to you. The person with the closest guess is the winner. At the end of the party, announce the winner and give them the container of Kisses as a prize!

Capturing Love

Pictionary is a fun game that never gets old. Here’s how you can play Pictionary with a Valentine’s Day twist.

Make sure you have an easily visible writing surface on which players can draw clues for their team to see. A whiteboard is ideal, but if you do not have one, you can mount a big sheet of cardboard on the wall or prop it up where everyone can see it. Thumbtack a large sheet of paper onto the cardboard and let players draw on it. You can replace the sheet once it is full, or use a fresh sheet for every turn.

Make small pieces of paper and write the names of various love songs on them, one on each piece. Put the pieces in a small bowl at the front of the room.

Divide the group into two teams. One person from the first team comes up to the front, picks up a piece of paper from the bowl and gets one minute to draw clues on the board for his team to guess the name of the song. The person cannot speak, make actions or draw letters, numbers or words. If the team guesses the song correctly within the time limit, they get one point. The play passes on to the next team. The game can only end once one person from each team has had a chance to give clues.

For older players or music enthusiasts, you can award extra points for teams that can correctly guess the name of the band or singer that sang the song.

The Valentine Game

The Valentine Game is another great game for Valentine’s Day. Not only is it loads of fun, it also ensures that the guests get really cute take away gifts.

Write the names of the guests on separate pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Fill another bowl with animal stickers. In a central location, lay out craft supplies like markers, crayons, scissors, glue colored construction paper/card stock, glitter, ribbon, stickers, tape, etc. Make sure there are enough pencils to go round and multiple scissors.

The guests close their eyes and pick up the name of one person from one bowl and an animal sticker from the other. They then get 45 minutes to make a valentine addressed to the person on the paper, with a valentine message that makes a reference to the animal. For example, someone who picks up a bear sticker may write, ‘You are a BEARy good friend’, or ‘Here’s a big BEAR hug for a special friend of mine’. Someone who picks up a lion sticker may write, ‘King of the forest, may I be your queen?’ and someone with a cat sticker could write, ‘Pussy cat, pussy cat, will you be mine? I hope you like this valentine!’ The sticker must be used in the valentine.

At the end of 45 minutes, let the players read out their valentine messages, and then collect the valentines and announce winners for different categories like ‘Best Valentine’, ‘Prettiest Valentine’, ‘Funniest Message’, ‘Wittiest Message’, ‘Most Personalized Valentine’, etc. Announcing the categories at the beginning is a good idea.

Make sure you give the recipients their valentines before they leave!

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