Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, affection and all the positive emotions in life. Fill your child’s life with some happy colors – print these fun Valentine’s Day-themed coloring pages and get him started!

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Benefits of Coloring for Kids

Most kids love to color! Coloring is not just a fun activity for a slow summer afternoon – it has a lot of benefits in the lives of kids. Here are a few of them:

  1. Self-expression – This is probably one of the best reasons why you should download printable coloring pages for your child. Coloring is a comforting activity that puts kids at ease and allows them to express their true emotions. In fact, you can tell a lot about what your child is thinking by the colors he chooses. This is particularly important for young children, since they are still building the vocabulary needed for self-expression.
  2. Grip - Most preschoolers start off by learning to hold a crayon before graduating to pencils and pens. Coloring requires children to hold a crayon in a certain manner and develop control over it – this is great practice for the future use of writing and painting instruments.
  3. Color recognition - Coloring helps kids to understand the composition of colors, the use of appropriate colors and how to mix different colors. Learning to distinguish between green, red, yellow and blue might not sound very impressive, but for most toddlers coloring is the’ first introduction to the color wheel and to the world of art.
  4. Motor skills - A child playing around with crayons and markers is not just having fun; he is building basic motor skills that will come in handy when moves on to more advanced activities like typing, moving and lifting objects, etc. This is because grasping a crayon or marker requires the coordination of hands and arm muscles in order to perform the task.
  5. Focus - Coloring a printed page requires kids to stay within the lines. This simple activity can teach young children to focus on the task at hand - an important lesson since most kids have a hard time concentrating or staying engaged, especially in a noisy distracting classroom.

Give your child a firsthand experience of the benefits of coloring with these free fun Valentine’s Day coloring pages!

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