Thanksgiving Games

Perhaps one of the best loved holidays of the country, thanksgiving is a great time for families and friends to gather over good food and indulge in activities that help them bond. Whether you are planning a thanksgiving get together at home or have a road trip planned up, a few games are all you need to liven up the atmosphere.

Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Games for the Entire Family

Make the most of the festive cheer and get both children and grown-ups to spend quality time together by getting them to play some thanksgiving games together. Need inspiration for some fun and easy thanksgiving games for kids and adults alike? We help you pick the perfect ones!

  • The Storyteller

Have any adult start a story by making up the first line of it. Then go around the table, asking everyone to add one line each to take the story forward. To bring out the most creative side of each of the players, let there be no rules. Just one round around the table is sure to leave everyone in splits. To make the game more thanksgiving appropriate, you can pick up the opening line from the Pilgrim’s story. Or, you can also start with “This year, I am thankful for…”

  • Play Acting

Putting together a play need not be hard work. The idea is to have fun and indulge in some family time. A few simple costumes and even simpler props like hats and robes for the pilgrims, ears of corn etc. and you are ready for a fun and easy thanksgiving play. To add to the fun, make grown-ups take up the roles of young characters and let the children play act as adults. If memorizing dialogues seems like too much of a task, let the children read from the script. There are many thanksgiving play ideas available online.

  • Thanksgiving Table Mats

Give thanksgiving table décor a twist this year by replacing fabric tablecloth with paper. Place one mat sized paper for each seat on the table. Provide everyone with art supplies such as crayons, sketch pens, pencils etc. While they wait for the turkey to emerge from the oven, ask them to draw pictures or write something to express their gratitude to the things or people they are thankful for this year.

Thanksgiving is a special time for the entire family. Make easy thanksgiving games a part of the celebrations and make this holiday even more memorable and joyous than ever before.

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