St Patrick’s Day Games

St. Patrick’s Day is the time to celebrate the richness and lore associated with Irish culture. While it is a public holiday in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is also widely celebrated across different parts of the world including Canada, the U.S., Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand, among others.

Use this special day to engage kids with some fun St. Patrick’s Day games! With each game, explain the interesting associations with this day and watch kids learn new things and have fun at the same time.

  1. Catch that Gold!

  2. Leprechauns and gold – two concepts that are synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day! For this fun game, you will need a container that is big enough to throw coins in. A new plastic dustbin or even a cardboard box should do the trick. Place this container against a wall and draw a line around 10 ft away. Kids will need to stand behind this line and throw as many chocolate gold coins into the container as possible. Give each kid a time limit of 1 minute. Let the kids take turns; empty the container after each child finishes his turn and make note of how many chocolates are in. The child who puts in the most number of gold coins is the winner! Ready? Aim. Throw!

  3. Find the Rainbow!

  4. It’s time for kids to don their sleuthing hats! This is a fun treasure hunt that also tests kids’ knowledge of this special religious day. Choose 7 items associated with St. Patrick’s Day. These could include: shamrocks, bells, something green, a picture of a snake, a picture of a leprechaun, and chocolate gold coins. For each of the items you choose, write a fun clue. For example, your clue to the green-colored item could be: “Everywhere you go, people are wearing something of this color on St. Patrick’s Day!” The clue for a picture of the leprechaun could be: “Oh, look out for those tricky little fellows!”

    Before the kids come in, identify the space in which you will hide the clues and treasure. Hide each item with the clue to the next item in that area. Let the kids start with the first clue. They will need to crack the clue and find the object it signifies to get their next clue, and so on. The last clue should lead kids to the final treasure – a picture of a rainbow and a box of chocolates! You can keep any other gift of your choice as well. This game is a fun way for a group of kids to work as a team and test their knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day.

You could also give a St. Patrick’s Day twist to other popular games that you play often. Play ‘Passing the Leprechaun’, where people sit in a circle and pass a leprechaun stuffed toy to each other as long as music is playing. The person holding it when the music stops is out of the game. Continue till there is only one person left.  Another fun game would be to hang a big blowout of a leprechaun holding a pot of gold, blindfold the players, and have them stick a paper gold coin in the right spot – on the pot!

Go ahead, get creative and make this St. Patrick’s Day a whole lot of fun with these games! You can also check out our free St. Patrick’s Day crafts and activities for kids!

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