New Year Games

Want to make your New Year’s Eve party more exciting? Want to involve all your guests and add some life to the party? Check out our collection of simple but fun New Year games! From kids to teens to adults, our games can be played with people of all ages. Get set for an eventful, exciting night!

What’s Your Resolution?
If the guests at your party are already acquainted with one another, this New Year party game is the best way to see how well they really know each other! Give each guest a sheet of paper and a pen and ask them to list down 5 of their New Year resolutions. Once all of them have finished writing, fold the sheets and put them at the centre in a bowl. Each person picks up a sheet, reads aloud the resolutions written, and guesses which person has written that list! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? If your group is too large, you could divide people into two groups and carry it out separately with each group.

Every year, we read tons of predictions about what the new year will bring each one of us. This time, let your imagination run wild as you get creative and witty and predict the coming year for people in your group!
Let each person at your party pair up with someone they know well. Each person then predicts something fun that will happen to their partner in the coming year. Once everyone has finished writing, let them take turns and read out their predictions to the whole group! For example, this could be Jack’s prediction for Jill: “This new year is going to bring you more downs than ups! As you tumble along the year, you might be in for a pleasant surprise as well! Keep your ears and eyes open for new opportunities and, for God’s sake, watch your step!”
To make this game more interesting, have everybody write down their predictions and put their slips of paper in a bowl at the centre. Each person picks up a slip and guesses which person that prediction suits best!

Charades with a Twist!
Every year is marked by important events and incidents. Let each person enact one such event as the rest of the group tries to guess!

You can get creative and come up with fun games of your own. Popular games like musical chairs can also make the evening more memorable!

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