Mother’s Day Games

Do you want to make this Mother’s Day special for Mom? Show Mom how much you appreciate everything she does for you and how much you love her! Surprise her with small but thoughtful gifts, and plan out a special day for this extraordinary person! Here are some fun Mother’s Day games that you could play with Mom for some fun family bonding time.

Ideas for Mother’s Day Games

Think out of the box and play some fun games this Mother’s Day! You could either plan something for just the family, or host a small party for Mom. Invite grandmother, other Moms, relatives, and friends and surprise her! If it’s a day for some family bonding, you could start the day with giving Mom breakfast in bed. Tell her to get dressed and be ready for a very special day.

  • Awards Night: This is a fun game that’s going to make Mom feel like a star! Make a list of all the different kinds of awards you’d like to give Mom and ask her to give an impromptu, spontaneous speech after each award. Some of the awards could be, ‘World’s Bestest Mom’, ‘Extraordinary Cook’, ‘Most Loving Person’, etc.

  • Mom Quiz: This is a fun game that puts the kids on the hot seat and Moms in a position of power! Tell Mom to ask you questions about herself. For example, she might ask, ‘What’s my favorite color?’, ‘What do I love eating for breakfast?’, ‘Which is my favorite film?’, etc. This game will give kids the opportunity to show Mom how well they know her! (Kids, better make sure you do your homework before you invite Mom to play this game!)

  • Guess which Mom: How good are you at imitating? Make a list of all famous Moms – from politicians to actresses to actors in Mom’s favorite sitcoms. Pick a popular line or imitate actions that each one of those Moms do and ask your Mom to guess which Mom you are referring to!
You could also ask Dad to pitch in and plan a fun picnic for Mom. Take her outdoors and play games like badminton, or go to the beach and indulge in some water sports. No matter what you do, just make sure that you pick things that Mom will enjoy doing. After all, this day is just for her! Make it the best day she has ever spent.

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