Fourth of July Games

It’s the Fourth of July and you’re throwing your annual Fourth of July party! Everything’s been planned to the t - except for the games. With kids of all ages who have been dying of boredom without school, you’re going to need some really fun 4th of July games for kids to keep them happy!

Here are a few great Fourth of July game ideas that you can use to plan a fun and entertaining day for the little ones at your bash!

Water, Water, Any Day!

It’s summer, and you’re all gathered outdoors. In the face of rising temperatures and rising tempers, water is always a welcome addition to cool things down! There are hundreds of water games you can play, but here’s a very popular one:


This popular game is loads of fun in itself, but replace the balls with water balloons and you just can’t go wrong! Since there are multiple variations to this game already, it can’t hurt to make up unique rules for the water balloon version, like scoring a hit only if the water balloon breaks on an opponent, or losing points if a water balloon breaks on your court, whether you caught it or not. Of course, you will also need a very large number of water balloons for this game!

Red, White and Blue!

Whether you decide to have a treasure hunt, a volleyball match or a simple game of Frisbee, you can use the colors of the American flag to have a game that goes with the theme of the party! Use items that are red, white or blue, or Americanize your already existing game equipment with colored masking tape. You can even cut out stars from the masking tape for some really cool decorations!

Fourth of July Trivia

In all the excitement of planning and attending Fourth of July parties, the real significance of the day and the heroic acts behind it are easily forgotten. Why not infuse some fun Independence Day fact games into your party so that everyone goes home knowing a little more about the history of our country? Prepare a fun Fourth of July trivia quiz for your guests, or create a more complex game by structuring it like a well-known trivia game that everyone likes. Have you ever heard of the board game ‘Over Under’? Here’s how you can create your own Over Under game:

4th of July Over Under:

Create flash cards with phrases like ‘The number of signatories that signed the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July, 1776’. Provide a random, reasonable-sounding number. In this case, say 40. Players have to guess whether the actual number is over or under the given number. (Answer: Under. John Hancock was the only person to sign the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July, 1776.) You can choose the facts based on the age group of the players.

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