Easter Games

While the Easter egg hunt is perhaps one of the most popular Easter games for children, there are many other fun Easter games that you can play with your family for memories that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Easter Egg Games

Not many games can match the popularity of the Easter egg hunt, so this year, maybe you can play the same game with a few changes for variety!

  • Hot on the Bunny’s Trail

Everyone knows that it’s the Easter Bunny that leaves the eggs and chocolates for the kids, so why shouldn’t there be a bunny trail? Set out a trail that the kids can follow to get to the Easter goodies – it could be jellybeans, small chocolates, small toys or even a map that marks the location of the hidden goodies! You can even leave a different trail for each child! Maybe there were three Easter bunnies in the house?

  • The Mystery Bunny

For lovers of adventure and mystery (read: kids), you can create clues that lead to the Easter eggs. For example, the first clue, which you either hand to the kids or leave next to their pillows, could read ‘Yawn! Are you hungry? Coz’ I’m starving!’. The next clue might be in the fridge. Or is it on the cereal shelf? Only the sixth or seventh clue (the longer the better) will lead to the location of the Easter goodies! Older kids may even enjoy a coded message, like substituting ‘a’ with ‘1’, ‘b’ with ‘2’, ‘c’ with ‘3’ and so on.

While Easter egg games like these are usually played at home with children, there are other Easter games for girls and boys that you can play at parties. The egg in spoon race is a popular game that is perfect for Easter. Just remember to use decorated eggs!

Easter Bunny Games

Since the Easter bunny is a favorite with children, they are likely to enjoy playing Easter bunny games. Easter bunny games can usually be played with large groups of children, making them great Easter party games. Here is a good one:

  • Hop to It!

Divide the children into two equal groups. You will need two big Easter baskets, two bunny ear headbands, and as many Easter eggs as there are children. Line the two groups up next to each other, and place the Easter eggs in a pile at an equal distance from both groups. Hand a basket and a headband to the first child in each line. The children must put on the headband, take the basket and hop to the pile of eggs, place one egg in the basket, hop back to their groups, hand the basket and headband to the next child in the line and stand at the back of the line. Each child must repeat the process until the first child is at the front of the line again. The first group to finish wins.

Whatever Easter games you and your loved ones play this year, all that matters is that everyone has a good time. After all, it's all about the memories!

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