Earth Day Resources for Kids

Earth Day is recognized across the globe as a day to reflect on the environmental issues facing us and our efforts to counter them. On this day, people ranging from policy makers to students discuss ways in which they can contribute to the fight to save the planet. As a caregiver, you too can play a big role in this global effort. Browse through JumpStart’s collection of Earth Day printables for plenty of great ideas on how you can encourage your young learners to be responsible citizens of the Earth.

Earth Day Facts

When is Earth Day?
Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April each year.

What is Earth Day About?
The history of Earth Day lies in the United States of America. Founded by a US Senator Mr Gaylord Nelson, it was first observed in the year 1970. Mr. Gaylord Nelson, troubled by the effects of the Santa Barbara oil spill, wanted to make environmental issues a national concern. He used the media as well as a team of activists across the country to organize a massive protest across the nation, which turned out to be tremendously effective. Since then, Earth Day events have only been getting bigger, going global in the year 1990. Today, environmental groups in over 185 countries use Earth Day as a focal point around which they promote public concern and action to protect the environment and keep it clean for future generations.

Earth Day for Kids

Earth day worksheets, Earth Day coloring pages and Earth Day crafts serve as great resources for parents and teachers who would like to teach their students more about Earth Day. Explore all of JumpStart’s free and printable Earth Day resources and instil in your pupils a lifelong concern for the planet.

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