Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids

Christmas is a few weeks away and it’s time to immerse your child in the colors of the season. Kids love colors so they will definitely enjoy filling in these printable Christmas coloring pages.

For a variety of reasons, coloring is important for young children.

Benefits of Coloring for Kids

  1. Coloring is a form of self-expression; your child is actually giving voice to his innermost feelings and thoughts when he colors.
  2. Your child’s first exposure to art is through the use of markers and crayons. He learns to recognize and distinguish between the different colors that form the color wheel.
  3. Many children learn their first fine motor skills by learning how to grip a crayon or colored pencil correctly.
  4. Choosing the right colors, sharpening and using crayons builds hand-eye coordination in young children.
  5. A child who can successfully color within the lines and boundaries has accomplished a milestone as important as mastering the alphabet and learning to count till 10.

The Colors of Christmas

Red, green and gold are the colors traditionally associated with Christmas. Green is the color of ivy, holly and mistletoe – evergreen trees that have been used as Christmas decorations for centuries. Red is the color of the apples (symbolizing the Fall of Adam) that were attached to the “Paradise Tree” – the fir tree in the Garden of Eden. Red is also the color of holly berries which stand for the blood of Jesus and his sacrifice. Gold represents the sun and fire – both of which keep people warm during the long cold winters.

Use these pretty Christmas coloring pages to celebrate this wonderful holiday!

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