April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day is nearly here! As you prepare yourself to weather your kids’ jokes, pranks and tricks on April 1st, here are a few safe and easy tricks you can keep up your sleeve to fight back!

  1. Short Sheet: Before the kids head to bed, sneak into their rooms and fold the flat sheet up from the foot of the bed so that there is a pocket that only goes halfway down the bed. When the kids hop in and try to slide their legs down, they’ll be shocked that their legs won’t move!
  2. Bed Swap: If you have more than one child, wait till they are fast asleep, then gently carry them to the opposite bed. Make sure to call the kids by the wrong name in the morning to add to their confusion!
  3. Condiment Call: Have a white phone? Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise across the back of the phone and ask your child to dial the phone for you. They’ll get a slimy surprise.
  4. Sponge Cakes: Make “cupcakes” for your kids by taking small round sponges (use new sponges) and coating them with frosting. Tell your kids they need slice the cupcake in two before they eat it. Hand over a plastic knife and watch as your kids try desperately to cut the cake in half.
  5. Fishin for Fun: Use a piece of fishing line and a bit of scotch tape to create a human fishing line! Simply take a dollar bill, attach the fishing line, and then place the bill on the ground. Cast the line out and hide around a corner. When your unsuspecting victim tries to pick up the bill, a quick flick of the wrist will keep them madly grabbing for the bill!
  6. Chatty Critter: Does your child have a pet lizard, bunny, hamster or other critter that lives in a cage? If so, place one walkie talkie behind the cage and wait until your child is in the room. When everything is quiet, use the other walkie talkie and do your best impression of the pet’s voice. Your child will be amazed that their friend can suddenly speak!
  7. Mystery Milk: What is better than a big bowl of cereal for your child to start off his or her day? If your child loves pouring cereal and milk in the mornings, add a few drops of food coloring to the milk carton the night before (this is best for cardboard cartons of milk). Watch his or her face as the white milk they’re expecting comes out green or blue or whatever color you choose! It’s harmless and will surely start your day off with a laugh.
  8. Colorful Handshake: This is a classic! Paint the inside of your hand with any bright color. Go to your child, look straight into his eyes, stretch out your hand as if for a handshake, and wish him ‘Happy April Fools’ Day’! Your child will have automatically stretched to shake your hand too and by the time you wish him, his hand is going to be stained!
  9. Bug Bluff: Does your child despise insects, snakes, or other creepy-crawlers? If so, purchase a few realistic toy models of their most loathed creature and plant them around the house in places he or she will be most likely to see them! We suggest places like in the bed sheets, the shower, or in the car.
  10. Bouncing Blizzard: Stock up on ping pong balls at the store and carefully stack them in the kitchen cabinets after your child heads to bed. In the morning, ask your child to get something out of that cabinet and they will be shocked by a shower of bouncing balls!
  11. Bathroom Pop: Does your child make a trip to the bathroom at night? Then this is an easy, fun trick to play. Keep a piece of bubble wrap under the toilet seat. When your child sits, the ‘pop’ is sure to wake him/her up! This trick works just as well in the morning.
  12. Trouble Trick: Is your son or daughter one of those students who rarely get calls home? If so, wait a little while after he or she has come home from school and then call your house phone with your cell phone. Go in another room to have a shocking “conversation” and come back out with a stern look on your face. Tell them that it was the principal and that you know all about the trouble they caused during lunch time. They will frantically try to defend themselves! Just make sure to let them in on the joke before the panic actually sets in.
  13. AM Alarm: After your family goes to bed, move all of the clocks in the house up one hour. Wake everyone up at the normal time, but insist that they are running horribly late! After everyone rushes to get ready, yell April Fools, then take advantage of the extra time to enjoy a leisurely family breakfast of pancakes and gummy worms or some other April Fools appropriate grub!
  14. Water Surprise: Before your child comes out for breakfast, keep a water balloon on the chair he usually sits on. Cover the balloon with a chair cover. Once he sits, you can laugh as hard as you want as he goes back in to change!
  15. Breakfast Horror: Another classic – toothpaste for breakfast! Make your kids toast for breakfast. Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the toast to make it look like butter. The expressions on the kids’ faces as they take their first bite will be priceless!

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