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ScienceLand is the place to explore if you want your kids to develop a scientific bent of mind. Instill in the little ones a love for the subject by making them play science games that teach them interesting facts in a fun and entertaining way!

There are many areas to explore in this fun-filled land of experiments and aquasaurs. While making their way through this exciting anthill, players can click on the ants they see walking by to learn some interesting science ‘factoids’.

The highlight of this science land is the Queen Ant Maze! Players will need to use their smarts and direction sense to navigate through the maze and meet the Queen Ant. You can choose from 3 different levels – easy, medium, and hard. Another fun area is the Gel Colony, where players can defy gravity and bounce high!

But nothing beats the excitement that the StarScope generates. Studying science would be incomplete without learning some interesting trivia on space and the solar system. Players can head to the top of the ant hill and watch short, brief films at the Star Theater on topics like ‘Our Solar System’, ‘The Sun is a Star’, ‘Supernovas’, ‘Neptune Blues’, ‘Discoveries on Other Planets’, ‘Satellites’, etc.

While exploring ScienceLand, there’s ample opportunity to learn various exciting science facts and lessons. But if what you’re looking for is to test your knowledge on the subject, head to the ‘Quizinator’! Players can test themselves on a wide array of topics ranging from the human anatomy to the solar system to plants and botany. Again, depending on whether the kids are only just beginning to learn the subject or are at a more advanced level of learning, players can choose between Levels 1, 2, and 3.

So log in to immediately and get your kids started on an adventure that will not only keep them entertained but will also teach them some fun science lessons!

ScienceLand and other online Jumpstart games will run in most browsers, and require you to have a reasonably recent graphics card and Windows or Macintosh operating systems of recent vintage.

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