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It’s time to make a big splash in the deep oceans with one’s talents, skills, and problem solving abilities! Let your kids discover the pleasures of mixing learning with games by diving right into MarineLand, another one of JumpStart's spectacular, fun, and adventure-filled worlds. MarineLand is a whole new world in itself and offers young children the opportunity to learn lessons in different subjects. MarineLand has been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of kids between the ages of 5 and 8, so let your young divers and explorers swim right into it. This is one deep sea expedition you wouldn’t want your children to come out of!

In MarineLand, the tranquility of the undersea kingdom is being threatened by annoying and trouble-making Punk-Punks. The ocean is home to Kat – the mermaid, Jean Claude – the sea serpent, and many more friends who are calling out to the young underwater explorers to help them in their fight against the Punk-Punks. Get your kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders to help the citizens of the ocean rid the place of these pesky invaders by undertaking a number of adventure-laden tasks as well as by completing reading, math, and critical thinking missions. Kids can also play fun games such as Bubble Trouble and Pearl Push. Successfully completing the missions and tasks will earn them their precious Sand Dollars!

If your kids are ever stuck or are at a loss in MarineLand, Jean Claude is the man to look out for. Clicking the help button (question mark) at the bottom right side of the screen will get the young underwater explorers a clue from the sea serpent that will help them move towards their destination.

There is a lot to do in MarineLand. Swim into the Shipwreck Reef to look for crystals, make your way through The Kelp Forest, go splashing in the Rubble Ruins, or head over to Merllywood for exciting missions. And it isn’t just serious missions out here in MarineLand! The ocean dwellers take their art seriously too. Young Jumpeez can showcase their artistic sides through paintings and display them on underwater billboards. Kids can also strut their stuff in Trendy Tides – the deep sea fashion show!

So, what are you waiting for? Help your little ones set out on these exciting undersea missions and become honorary citizens of the exotic MarineLand. Let the adventure begin!

MarineLand and other online Jumpstart games will run in most browsers, and require you to have a reasonably recent graphics card and Windows or Macintosh operating systems of recent vintage.

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