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Watch your kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders unleash the adventurers within! Whisk them over to AdventureLand for an enriching and magical experience full of fun elements, worldly skills, and of course, lots of adventure. JumpStart’s AdventureLand is an enthralling virtual world that is packed to the brim with age-appropriate lessons wrapped in the guise of games and adventures. A universe in itself, AdventureLand leaves no stone unturned to ensure that pleasure and learning join forces and make the process extremely fruitful for the kids.

So how does one get to be in this little adventure island? By following Jumpee explorers Eleanor and Pierre. And what can your little ones expect once they are there? Here’s a low down on what you will find in AdventureLand!

This newly discovered island is home to unknown mysteries that await the little explorers! What is known, however, is that the place is infested with pesky Punk-Punks that go around making trouble. Frankie is in charge of training young and spirited explorers at Training Island, where they will be taught all the tricks that are required to thrive. This includes getting their appearance right by going over to the Quick Change crate, learning explorer moves at the crate with the dancing shoes, and going over to the Jet Pack crate to earn points. Frankie is a hands-on trainer and is available for help at all times. If your kids are ever stuck, all they need to do is click on the JS Communicator button at the bottom of their screen and get him to help them out.

The stages at AdventureLand are packed with lessons that are unleashed through fun games and adventures. Kids are encouraged to think, solve problems, hone new skills, and showcase their talents in this fantastic island just off the coast of JumpStart. And, of course, have a whale of a time while at it!

The games in AdventureLand are based on 2 subjects – reading and math. Each subject offers lessons with varied levels. Select the skills to be practiced according to your kid’s needs. Next is Punk-Punk training, where kids learn how to tame the creatures that go around the island creating nuisance for the explorers. Once kids have displayed their true adventurer skills to Frankie’s satisfaction, they will be transported to the Lost Island on a ship. CJ welcomes them here and this is where the real adventure begins!

Once in Lost Island, kids get to explore mystical caverns, discover forgotten ruins, and ultimately, test their ability to overcome struggles (math and reading problems as well as other island-related ones) to reach the top of the Mystic Mountains!

But AdventureLand is not just about thinking, learning, and solving problems. Kids are also encouraged to give vent to their artistic sides in the Art Studio and display their work on billboards across the island, giving the little ones a sense of pride and achievement.

With so much exploring and playing to do, kids are sure to love this exciting land. And with all the learning that also takes place, parents will certainly not be complaining!

AdventureLand and other online Jumpstart games will run in most browsers, and require you to have a reasonably recent graphics card and Windows or Macintosh operating systems of recent vintage.

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