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Online games have revolutionized the gaming industry. Once considered a source of mindless distraction, they are now recognized for the multiple benefits they give their players. With the influx of online educational games, kids of all ages are now gravitating to computers just to use them. JumpStart's online virtual world has an impressive and exhaustive collection of adventure-based learning games for children of all ages.

Online Games

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Kids’ Online Games on is the ideal place to play online games for kids. The engaging, interactive games in the JumpStart virtual world promise hours of enthusiastic fun for kids of all ages. Quick, action-packed arcade games, leisurely dressing up games, Madagascar games, pet games, dragon games, wizard games – the range of options on is exhaustive. Moreover, they are all housed in a safe and secure environment that is free from the dangers that make the internet unsafe for kids.

Learning through JumpStart’s Online Games

JumpStart’s online games include a large collection of fun educational games on math, science, reading and English. Kids playing on can learn and practice important scholastic skills that will help them excel at school. Players also develop hand-eye coordination, socializing skills, logical and critical thinking skills, responsibility and problem solving skills as they explore and have adventures in this online virtual world for kids.

Different Kinds of Online Games

Interactive, 3D, dynamic and addictive, online games have taken the internet world by storm. A rage across the globe, every conceivable type of online game can be easily found today. From adventure games to educational games, racing games to arcade games, everything is available online. You can also choose from games for girls, boys, kids, preschoolers and various other grade-based and age-specific categories.

Online Games – Beneficial and Fun!

Online games cater to people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and with varied interests. They serve multiple purposes as they keep people engaged and entertained as well as help them develop certain skills and abilities. Online educational games for kids have proved to be advantageous for parents. With the number and kind of learning games available online, parents now find it easier to teach their kids new skills and concepts.

JumpStart’s superior educational games help kids develop many skills. Kids can play games that focus on reading, math, typing, vocabulary and even science. As they play, kids develop and improve scholastic skills such as reading, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills. There are a multitude of choices available today and it is no surprise that online games have become everybody’s best friend!

Jumpstart online games will run in most browsers, and require you to have a reasonably recent graphics card and Windows or Macintosh operating systems of recent vintage.

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