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Online games for kids are a great way for parents to keep their young ones occupied. With the introduction of the internet, children are now becoming more technologically savvy and inclined to using electronics for entertainment and learning. Online kids games are a source of fun and amusement for all ages, and if used correctly, can be a wonderful medium of learning as well.

Free Kids Games on

The online virtual world here at has hundreds of fun games for kids, absolutely free. Adventure games, arcade games, puzzle games or even learning games are all housed in a safe environment designed to encourage exploration and discovery. Kids love trying new things and often get bored easily, which is why has cool kids’ games of every kind. Girls or boys, pre-schoolers or 2nd graders, has free games that will engage and entertain your children for hours on end.

Jumpstart lands
  • StoryLand - Preschool Games StoryLand
  • MarineLand - JumpStart Games MarineLand
  • AdventureLand - Adventure Games for Kids AdventureLand
  • FutureLand - JumpStart Games FutureLand
  • ScienceLand - Free Science Games ScienceLand
Mobile Games for Kids
  • Madagascar Math Ops - Mobile Games
    The Madagascar Zoosters - Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria - have been kidnapped! Team up with the penguins and use your math smarts to help rescue the Zoosters. Play now!
  • JumpStart Pet Rescue
    Teach preschoolers and kindergartners fundamental skills such as reading, listening, critical thinking and more with JumpStart Pet Rescue, an educational app loaded with fun! Get it now!
    App Store Google Play Amazon App Store Nook App
  • Madagascar My ABCs
    Master the ABCs with your favorite Madagascar characters – Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria! Help preschoolers learn phonics, letter recognition, and more with this exciting app. Get it now!
    App Store Google Play Amazon App Store Nook App
  • Madagascar Preschool Surf n' Slide
    Madagascar Preschool Surf n’ Slide is an exciting slip-sliding adventure in learning where your little ones play with Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and the rest of the Madagascar gang! Get it now!
    App Store Google play Amazon App Store Nook App
  • JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning
    15 exciting games that will teach your preschoolers math, pre-reading, and critical thinking skills! What are you waiting for? Get it now!
    App Store Nook App Windows Phone Nokia Store Amazon App Store
  • JumpStart Art Studio - Mobile App for Preschoolers
    The perfect tool to keep your preschooler engaged for hours, this mobile art game lets the little ones color more than 100 pictures, frame photos, and even make cards! Get it now!
    Windows Phone Nokia Store
  • JumpStart Punk Punk Blitz
    An addictive puzzle game that will have players race against time to beat the punk punks and rack up points! Get it now!
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  • >
    Math Blaster B-Force Blaster
    B-Force Blaster is an action-packed shooting game where your little ones collect points as they race through the space training simulator and blast targets and enemies that come in the way!
    App Store Google play Amazon App Store Nook App
  • Monster Mutt Rescue
    Here’s a fun game where your kids get to raise, train, and play with a rare Monster Mutt and watch it grow. Get this superpower-studded game now!
    App Store
  • Math Blaster HyperBlast 2
    This game will help your kids discover math facts like never before! Watch them sharpen their math skills as they zip past fast-flying obstacles to defeat the Alien Boss. Get it now!
    App Store App Store Nook App
  • Math Blaster HyperBlast
    A fun, intergalactic mega-math adventure that will see kids outsmart alien robots, blast through razor sharp blockades, and speed past stars! Need we say more? Get it today!
    App Store Google play Amazon App Store Nook App
  • Math Blaster Space Zapper
    This exciting arcade-style game will challenge the Blaster Cadets' aim, accuracy, and math skills as they blast away asteroids and keep the space station safe! Get it now!
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Educational Games for Kids is all about adventure-based learning, which is why it has plenty of educational games for kids. You can find cool math games like the Basketball game in the JS Stadium, fun science games like the Quizzinator in Amazing Science Land, and interactive reading games like Bubble Trouble in MarineLand. Plus, all the online kids’ games in help young learners sharpen their minds, improve hand-eye coordination and encourage independent play.

Online Games for Kids of all Ages

With child safety being the main precaution when allowing children to play online, parents are always on the lookout for safe and age-appropriate online games for kids. From games on basic math, spelling, reading and quizzes to racing games and arcade games, there are options for kids of all ages. Parents can also choose from toddler games, preschool games and grade-based games and activities that will educate as well as entertain the younger children.

Reviews for Kids Games on

My child loves these games ….Buddy loves playing the games on From creating his own “guy” to navigating to the different games, he was excited through it all. I like that everything is pretty simple for him to do.…. , at

Something for every kid ….Educational, love the avatar element that allows kids to personalize their learning experience, variety of levels and activities so your child is bound to find something they love!…. , at

Tons of games that help kids learn ….Uriahs favorite area is The Coin Arcade. There are tons of different mini games within the Coin Arcade. The games within the arcade are really making Uriah put his thinking cap on which is great…. It means he is learning new skills every time he plays.…. , at

The JumpStart kids games will run in most browsers, and require you to have a reasonably recent graphics card and Windows or Macintosh operating systems of recent vintage.

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