Geography Games for Kids

Online geography games are probably the most fun and effective way to teach kids the subject! From simple geography games to more challenging ones, you can find it all online. Get kids started on them and watch them grow to love the subject!

The virtual world here at JumpStart has some cool geography games for kids!

Online Geography Games

StoryLand MarineLand AdventureLand FutureLand ScienceLand

Kids’ Geography Games on has challenging geography games for kids who would like to make a few quick JS coins. Third, fourth and fifth graders can put their knowledge of geography to the test in the IQ Actionizer in FutureLand. This exciting trivia game tests players on their knowledge of US states, capitals and currency, apart from basic skills like reading a map. The more points players score, the more JS coins they earn to use in the virtual stores. But remember, you have to be truly daring to get ahead of the others in this online geography game.

Geography for Younger Kids on

The JumpStart virtual world is perfectly suited to introducing young learners to basic geography. The seasonal changes in, and special holiday features like the Mayflower during Thanksgiving provide parents and teachers with a great opportunity to discuss related geographic concepts. This is also a great way for kids to virtually explore and experience events that they may not be able to in real life. Multiculturalism, map reading and weather patterns are just some of the geographic concepts that young learners will pick up as they play and explore in

Fun and Interactive World Geography Games

Teach kids about different aspects of geography with fun games! With a plethora of exciting geography games available online, it is easy for parents as well as teachers to find games on various topics and of different degrees of difficulty.

Free geography games are interactive and interesting. Games make it easier to grab the attention of the little ones and help them retain what they’ve learnt better. From maps to amazing geography facts to states and capitals, you can use geography games to teach kids a variety of topics. They are indeed a valuable resource for homeschooling parents as well as teachers and a great way to get kids to use their free time productively.

Get the little ones hooked on these fun geography games! It is sure to become one of their favorite subjects in no time!

Geography games on will run in most browsers, and require you to have a reasonably recent graphics card and Windows or Macintosh operating systems of recent vintage.

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