Madagascar Worksheets

Fur, Feathers, and More – Printable English Worksheet

Fur, Feathers, and More

Science is interesting if taught in the right way. Here is a MAD worksheet that will make science fun!

Learning Synonyms with Alex – Printable English Worksheet

Learning Synonyms with Alex

Here is a synonym worksheet that the kids will love – because it’s themed just like one of their favorite movies, Madagascar!

Leaves in the Jungle – Printable Counting Worksheet

Leaves in the Jungle

‘Leaves in the Jungle’ is a subtraction worksheet that is presented in a colorful way to engage the kids in a meaningful exercise.

Lost in the Jungle – Printable Maze Worksheet

Lost in the Jungle

Download the Madagascar worksheet and help Alex find his way back to his den.

Nouns in the Jungle – Printable English Worksheet

Nouns in the Jungle

Here’s a noun, there’s a noun, everywhere a noun, noun!

Skipper Colors – Printable English Worksheet

Skipper Colors

Here is a Madagascar color by number worksheet that will engage the kids in a meaningful coloring exercise as well as help them recognize numbers.

The Rhyming Game – Printable English Worksheet

The Rhyming Game

They will have to find a rhyming word for each Madagascar character therefore not only sharpening their vocabulary skills but reading skills too!

Animals in the Jungle – Science Worksheet

Animals in the Jungle

‘Animals in the Jungle’ is an exciting way to differentiate between herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.

Antonyms and More – Printable English Worksheet

Antonyms and More

Check out the Madagascar themed worksheet to practice antonyms.

Counting with Marty – Printable English Worksheet

Counting with Marty

Have the kids solve this Madagascar themed counting worksheet where Marty is getting ready for a big event in the jungle.

Make an Apple Pie – Printable English Worksheet

Make an Apple Pie

Unscramble the words to find out what are the ingredients that have gone into making Corporal's apple pie!

Circle the Article – Printable English Worksheet

Circle the Article

Kowalski needs some extra brains to pick out the correct article. Are you up for the job?

Punctuate Right – Printable English Worksheet

Punctuate Right

Private is confused about how to end his sentences. Help him out!

Find the Opposite – Printable English Worksheet

Find the Opposite

Skipper wants you to pick the correct antonyms. Give it a try!

The Missing Vowels – Printable English Worksheet

The Missing Vowels

Help Classified find the missing vowels in the names of animals.

Spring is in the Air – Printable English Worksheet

Spring is in the Air

Skipper wants a report on spring that uses sense verbs. Can you do it?

Play a Sport – Printable English Worksheet

Play a Sport

Spell the name of Rico's favorite sports!

A Visit to the Zoo – Printable English Worksheet

A Visit to the Zoo

Kowalski is trying to figure out what the animals are doing at the zoo...can you help him?

The Four Sentence Types – Printable English Worksheet

The Four Sentence Types

Join Eva as she tries to identify the sentence types!

Capitalize the Fairy Tale Characters – Printable English Worksheet

Capitalize the Fairy Tale Characters

Help Private capitalize the names of his favorite fairy tale characters!

How Gloria Multiplies – Printable 2nd Grade Math Worksheet

How Gloria Multiplies

Help Gloria memorize the multiplication table of 5 and solve these fun second grade multiplication problems.

Alex Adds - Free Addition Worksheet for 1st Grade

Alex Adds

Help your kids breeze through 1st grade single-digit addition problems. Alex shows the way!

Borrow from Melman – Printable Second Grade Subtraction Worksheet

Borrow from Melman

Help your kids learn about regrouping in this fun, MAD-themed subtraction worksheet for second graders.

Circus Zaragoza is Back – Printable Third Grade English Worksheet

Circus Zaragoza is Back

Vitaly needs someone to proofread his sign before it is put up all over the city. Can your third grader check for mistakes in spelling and punctuation?

The Biggest One - Preschool Worksheet on Sizes

Monumental Europe

Help Alex sort out the monument facts by writing each fact under the monument it describes in this fun geography worksheet for 4th grade.

Circus Records – Printable Fifth Grade Measurement Worksheet

Circus Records

Help the Madagascar circus troupe decide the record holder for each activity by converting the measurements to the same unit in this fun math worksheet.

Vacationing in Europe – Printable Geography Worksheet for 4th Grade

Vacationing in Europe

Help King Julien plan for his Europe vacation by locating the cities on his list in a map of the continent.

Temperature Trouble – Printable Conversion Worksheet for 6th Grade

Temperature Trouble

In ‘Temperature Trouble’, 6th graders help the Zoosters from New York make sense of temperature values by converting them from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Vitaly’s New Act – Printable Math Worksheet for 2nd Grade

Vitaly’s New Act

In this fun math worksheet, second graders help Vitaly practice for his new act by circling all the rings that total 76.

Vowel Detective - Printable English Worksheet

Vowel Detective

Does your second grader know all about long vowel sounds? A printable worksheet with a twist, ‘Vowel Detective’ requires kids to make words that have long vowel sounds from the letters provided.

Spot the 4s - Kindergarten Math Worksheet

Spot the 4s

This one’s going to take a little sleuthing! Have your little one look at the picture carefully and find all the hidden 4s. Can he/she find them all?

The Biggest One - Preschool Worksheet on Sizes

The Biggest One!

This one’s about sizes. Watch preschoolers compare different images of different sizes and circle the biggest one.

Word Parts - Printable English Worksheet on Rhyming Words

Word Parts

This one’s a mix that might put you in a fix! Get it? Fill in the missing letters to form a pair of rhyming words.

Sort and Count - Free Math Worksheet for Kindergarten

Sort and Count

With this worksheet, kindergartners will not only practice their counting skills but will also learn to identify and classify different objects.

Missing in Action - Free Preschool Alphabet Worksheet

Missing in Action!

It’s time for preschoolers to practice their ABCs! All they need to do is fill in the blanks with the missing letters. Simple, but fun!

How  Many Alex? - Free Counting Worksheet for Preschoolers

How Many Alex?

Teach preschoolers to sort and count! The little ones will learn to focus only on the specified object and count.

Color Gloria - Printable Kindergarten Coloring Worksheet

Color Gloria

Time to put your little one’s artistic skills to test! Color this fun picture of the fashionable and smart hippopotamus, Gloria!

Double Trouble - Fun Preschool Counting Worksheet

Double Trouble

Give your preschooler some counting practice with our free and printable ‘Double Trouble’ worksheet!

ABC Dot-to-Dot - Printable Alphabet Worksheet for Kindergartners

ABC Dot-to-Dot

Discover the hidden picture in this fun connect-the-dots worksheet for kindergarten. Practicing the letters of the alphabet doesn't get more fun than this!

Marty's Tense - Printable 3rd Grade English Worksheet

Picnic Time!

To make sense of what the excited animals are saying, you'll need to fill in the missing conjunctions and interjections. Get started immediately!

Puzzling Math - Free 5th Grade Math Worksheet

Puzzling Math!

This is one math problem with a twist! You have to create the problem and total the numbers, but there’s a catch. Read on to find out what!

Money In The Bank - Free, Printable Math Worksheet on Money

Money In The Bank

Gloria certainly has a lot of shopping to do! Help her figure out if she has enough money to buy the items on her shopping list.

Marty's Tense - Printable 3rd Grade English Worksheet

Marty’s Tense

Marty’s tense about something and he needs your third grader’s help! Read on to see how your little one can be of assistance.

Gloria's Word Puzzle - Fun Activity for Kids

Gloria's Word Puzzle

It’s time to don those sleuthing hats and look horizontally, vertically, and diagonally to find the hidden words in this free and printable word search puzzle!

Proverbs - Free, Fun English Worksheet for Kids


Here’s a challenge for you! Do you know your proverbs well? Fill in the missing vowels to complete the list of famous proverbs!

Starry Trails - Fun Worksheet for 5th Graders

Starry Trails

The stars in this worksheet pose a challenge to your first graders. Can they identify which words within the stars have a long-vowel sound?

Picture Puzzle - Fun Crossword for Kids

Picture Puzzle

A crossword puzzle with a twist! Look at the pictures provided, follow the directions, and fill in this interesting crossword.

Math Is Fun - Free 2nd Grade Worksheet

Math Is Fun

The Madagascar gang needs help with math! Read what Marty, Melman, Alex, and Gloria have been up to and solve the fun math problems in this free 2nd grade math worksheet.

Know Your Biosphere - Printable Science Worksheet

Know Your Biosphere

Mason and Phil are giving your little ones some science lessons! Use this printable worksheet to test your 3rd grader on the different kinds of biospheres.

Melman's Missing Key - Fun Math Worksheet on Multiplication

Melman’s Missing Key!

Show off your multiplication skills! Solve the problems on this worksheet and crack the clue to find out where Gloria has hidden Melman’s key.

Alex's Decimal Trouble - Fun Math Worksheet for 5th Grade

Alex's Decimal Trouble

Decimals can sometimes get dicey. Here’s a simple way to give the 5th graders some decimal practice. Compare the decimals listed and help Alex with this dilemma!

Happy Homophones - Printable 2nd Grade English Worksheet

Happy Homophones

Give your 2nd graders some homophone challenges with our fun and printable English worksheet, ‘Happy Homophones’.

Words Mix n' Match - Fun English Worksheet for Kids

Words Mix n' Match

It’s time to mix and match! Kids will need to form various compound words from the list of words provided. Is your little one up to the challenge?

In the End - 1st Grade English Worksheet on Digraphs

In The End

Look at the pictures and complete the picture words. This English worksheet is a good way to introduce 1st graders to digraphs!

Fix and Find - Fun Worksheet for 1st Graders

Fix and Find

Most words have vowels. Here’s a list of simple words with their vowels missing. All your 1st grader has to do is fill in the missing vowels to complete the words and find the words in the word search puzzle!

Alex's Digraph Bubbles - Fun English Worksheet for 2nd Graders

Alex's Digraph Bubbles

Alex and Marty are struggling with digraphs. Why don’t you get your 2nd grader to help them? This printable English worksheet is a great way to help kids get better at identifying digraphs.

Antonyms Hunt - Fun Word Search Puzzle for Kids

Antonyms Hunt

Love word search puzzles? Here’s one with a twist! Find the antonyms of the given words in this puzzle!

King Julien's Division Problems - Free Math Worksheet for Kids

King Julien’s Division Problems

King Julien is stumped! Find out how you can help him. (Tip: Brush up your long division skills before you begin this worksheet.)

Ad Hunt - Fun English Worksheet for Kids

Ad Hunt

Skim through magazines and newspaper ads and cut out words that you can use in this fun English worksheet on parts of speech.

Color Alex - Fun, Printable Madagascar Coloring Worksheet

Color Alex

It’s time to color the lovable lion, Alex. To help kids, this printable coloring worksheet includes a colored image of Alex. But if the kids are in the mood of thinking out of the box and getting creative, go ahead and encourage them to try different colors and give Alex a whole new look!

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