Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Plot Summary:

Watch as the fabulous four – Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe – embark on yet another exciting adventure as they try to find their way back home to Central Park Zoo in Madagascar 3:  Europe’s Most Wanted!

Madagascar 3 starts where Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa left off. The four friends decide that it’s time to leave Africa and head back to their home in the Big Apple.

Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria set out to reunite with their other Central Park Zoo friends – the penguins and the chimps – to take their plane back to New York. They make their way to Monte Carlo where the penguins are busy gambling. On seeing Alex and gang, the casino authorities call in the wicked and diabolical Animal Control officer, Chantel DuBois, whose only mission is not the capture of the animals but taking Alex’s head as a trophy!

Thus begin the misadventures of our favorite motley group of animals. In a desperate bid to escape DuBois, Alex and gang pose as circus animals and join a group of travelling circus animals – Vitaly the tiger, Gia the jaguar, and Stephano the sea lion. They earn the trust of the circus animals and work together to put up a spectacular circus performance that is their ticket to New York.

DuBois, though, foils their plans and Alex has to admit to their travelling friends that they are not circus animals. But a joyous reunion later, with the circus animals saving the gang from DuBois, Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria realize that home is where the heart is. But home may not really be the Central Park Zoo they have been longing to return to.

What The Kids Can Learn:

Stunning visuals, dazzling colors, witty one-liners, countless laughs, a trip around Europe, a lesson in friendship, and the journey to finding what truly makes one happy – Madagascar 3 serves all this and more in one platter to your little ones!

As a parent or a teacher, you can use examples from this film to highlight important values to kids. The Madagascar series is an ode to friendship and with Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, kids can see how Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria, stick together through thick and thin. Alex’s attempt at helping Vitaly overcome the troubles of his past to achieve his greatest feat ever is a lesson on selflessness and helping others when they need it. The importance of hard work, teamwork, and trust is highlighted at various points in the film.

This is one ride your kids will remember for a lifetime!

What Next?

November 2014 will see the return of the cute-and-cuddly flightless birds in Penguins of Madagascar! The inimitable four - Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private – will take center stage and dominate the big screen as they join forces with a chic undercover organization, the North Wind, led by Agent Classified (voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch). Their mission: to stop the evil Dr Octavius Brine from destroying the world as we know it!

Directed by Eric Darnell and Simon J. Smith, this movie is sure to elicit many laughs and be an instant hit among kids! No surprise, then, that these adorable penguins of Madagascar now also have their very own games. Perfect for kids, these penguin games are a great mix of learning and fun. In the World of Madagascar, kids can explore the virtual world and go on exciting missions with the penguins. To ensure that the learning never stops, there is Penguins of Madagascar: Dibble Dash, a mobile game that will keep the kids tapping and tilting with glee. Get started on these games immediately for a dose of unadulterated fun!

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