28 years old.

Marty is the guy that everybody loves to be around. He has always made friends easily because he has a way of making others feel good about themselves.

Marty is an idealist and an optimist. This is part of his appeal, but it also works against him. For Marty, the glass is always half full, but it’s never completely full. He never feels comfortable with where he is. The grass is always greener on the other side. He’s happy to make others happy, but he’s never satisfied with himself.

In fact, he has an identity crisis. He’s drifted through life like a chameleon, modifying his own behavior and personality to match the situation. But the real Marty is buried somewhere deep inside and it’s only recently that Marty has come to admit this to himself.

Marty has spent his entire life in NYC. Marty’s combination of wit and empathy made him the most popular kid in school. However, he got awful grades, but not because he isn’t smart. He just spent too much time daydreaming – wishing he were somewhere else.

He could be great at whatever he put his mind to, but he never sticks with anything for very long. Nothing feels “right”.

He’s finally come to the conclusion that the City is the problem. He needs to go to someplace where he can sort out his life – find out who he really is. He decides that by going back to where his ancestors came from he’ll get in touch with his own roots – and, he hopes, get in touch with himself.

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