King Julien XIII

Wacky, outlandish, and mostly annoying, King Julien ensures that the entertainment never stops!

King Julien is introduced as the incorrigible leader who the lemurs blindly follow. Having appointed himself king, this ring-tailed lemur believes that he has the answers to everything. His bottomless pit of ideas mostly border on the ridiculous and are useless, but with his charm and charisma, King Julien does manage to get everyone to do what he wants.

If you want to know how to really party, King Julien is the lemur for you! Always looking to have a good time, he manages to look at the bright side of grave situations.

Witty and conceited, King Julien’s biggest strength is his ability to delegate and get his work done. His biggest follower and ardent fan is Mort, the mouse lemur. With Maurice, his skeptical assistant and advisor, by his side, King Julien provides comic relief and triggers some important events in the Madagascar movie series.

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