32 years old.

From the Upper East Side.

Alex is extremely conservative. His future was set from the moment he was born. “Silver spoon syndrome” squared. Having been born into a privileged life, he never had to prove himself. Alex has never had to work a day in his life, and the idea of work is absolutely repugnant to him!

When his world is in order, Alex is warm and likable. He can be quite generous and quite charming – unless he doesn't like you. Then he’s the opposite. Nevertheless, he enjoys personalities that diverge from his own, as long as his own life remains in balance. He is very awkward around women.

He’s never been out of Manhattan and has no desire to leave. In the city he feels in control of his world. He loves cement. He likes to be able to see the air that he breathes. He would never consider vacationing in “the great outdoors”. His idea of a vacation is Coney Island.

Intelligent. Educated, but without the wisdom that comes from a broad range of experience. Having never left his isolated world, he does not possess much vision. His worldview is the sum total of his immediate surroundings. He doesn’t have an ounce of imagination.

He looks good and knows it. He is obsessed with his looks.

He’s a ham. He likes attention. He loves to have his picture taken and likes to be on stage.

There are no surprises in his life, and that's exactly how he likes it. Everything must be “just so”. Every hair of his mane must be in place.

Alex is defined by his environment and demands that the world around him reflect his view of himself. Food must be cooked to exact specifications. Environment must be ordered and “dirt-free”.

Schedule freak. (It’s the only thing he really has to worry about.) He depends on his routine and experiences a great deal of anxiety when things go wrong.

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