Meet the Characters

Madagascar starts with four friends in Central Park, New York – Alex, Melman, Marty and Gloria. Alex loves attention, Marty is the popular kid, Gloria is independent and chic, Melman likes to play expert. The four friends set off on a wild adventure to explore the big and exciting world outside the confines of their zoo and get more than they asked for! Along the journey, they all discover something new about each other, from Alex’s love for meat that has him trying to bite into Marty to Marty’s dream of the wide wild world. Despite their quirks, the four get along like a house on fire, when they are not squabbling of course!

Their adventures take them to the exotic land of Madagascar, where there is more opportunity for madness and mayhem when they chance upon King Julien and his kingdom of lemurs. Along the way, they have a little help from their finned-friends – the penguins, whose love for adventure and intrigue got them their own movie – Penguins of Madagascar.

Penguins of Madagascar Characters

In Penguins of Madagascar, we get to know the elite penguin quartet a little better. Okay, more than a little better. Skipper is their fearless leader, Kowalski is the brains, Rico loves to explode things, and Private is immeasurably cute. Skipper, Rico, Private and Kowalski are at the top of their game as they set off to ransack a Cheesy Dibbles vending machine. Before they know what hit them, they are on a mission to return the cuteness to penguins everywhere, and leave no feather unturned to accomplish this mighty task!

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