Writing Sentences Activities for Kids

Most kids groan at the thought of learning grammar and punctuation because they think it’s boring. We are here to change that perception and help your child improve his sentence writing skills.

The free printable writing sentences activities below on JumpStart are highly recommended for kindergarten and above.

Tips for Teaching Sentence Writing Skills

Writing sentences can be fun! Here’s how:

  • Choose something funny, interesting or wacky to write about and discuss it with your child. He will practically beg you to let him start writing his sentences.
  • Encourage him to practice saying a sentence before writing it. Errors are easier to spot when you hear them spoken out loud than when you read them off a piece of paper.
  • Reinforce the habit of checking a sentence as soon as it’s written down. He will eventually get in the groove and make fewer errors.
  • Get your child started off with writing smaller and fewer sentences. These will be easier for you to correct and for your child to rework. Move on to larger chunks of writing when he’s had enough practice.

We also have plenty of free resources to help kids develop better reading and comprehension skills, writing skills and vocabulary skills. Try them out!

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