Writing Activities for Kids

Writing activities are useful in helping students improve their writing skills. Browse through JumpStart’s free and printable writing activities to find one that is perfect for you and your kids.

Interactive Writing Activities

Interactive writing activities are an effective way of practicing writing in groups. Students who have difficulties in writing on their own can benefit from fun writing activities for the classroom. Writing activities involving groups encourage brainstorming and free sharing of creative ideas. This greatly helps the class as a whole in improving writing skills and developing individual styles. Depending on the type of writing being taught, teacher can use descriptive writing activities, persuasive writing activities, creative writing activities, essay writing activities or letter writing activities with their students.

Holiday Writing Activities

Holidays bring with them excitement, fond memories and high spirits. This combination is useful in fuelling imagination and inspiring well-written pieces. Parents and teachers can use Halloween writing activities, Thanksgiving writing activities and Christmas writing activities as holiday specials in the classroom for a few hours of fun writing practice.

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