Time Activities for Kids

Time activities help parents and teachers introduce the concept of time and devices like clocks and calendars to young students through engaging, exciting and enjoyable activities. Browse through JumpStart’s collection of free and printable time activities that you can use with your kids.

Interactive Time Activities

Parents and teachers can find interactive time activities for every kind of lesson on time. Telling time activities are the most popular, as they provide creative ideas on how to teach kids the vital skill of telling time using clocks. Calendar time activities familiarize young kids with the concept of months and the use of calendars. Online time activities also cover lessons on the time of day, A.M and P.M, night and day, and time-based activities.

Time Activities for Kids

Kids begin learning about time in kindergarten. Kindergarten time activities cover simple topics like calendars and months. By first grade, kids start learning to tell time. First grade time activities focus on beginner skills like telling time using analog clocks, and telling time to the hour. Gradually, first graders also learn to tell time to the half hour and to tell time to fifteen minutes. In second grade, kids are expected to be more accurate in reading clocks. Telling time activities for second grade focus on accuracy, with kids learning to tell time to the minute.

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