The 5 Senses Activities for Kids

Learn more about your body on JumpStart through our fun, free 5 senses activities.

The 5 senses tell you:

  • What is out there in the world around you
  • How much of it is there
  • Where it is located
  • Whether it changes in time or place
  • Whether it increases or decreases with time.

Life without the 5 Senses

What would life be like if one or more of the 5 senses refused to work?

Life without the Sense of Sight

Everything would be in darkness so you wouldn’t be able to see a thing. You would hear sounds but it would be impossible to connect them with the way they look. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauties of nature. Reading and writing would be extremely difficult unless you learned Braille – the language of the visually-impaired.

Life without the Sense of Touch

Holding and grasping things would be very difficult indeed – you’d have to see things before you could do that. Feeling for things in the dark would be impossible. Without the sense of touch, your nerves wouldn’t react to pain, so you’d run a higher risk of burning, cutting or hurting yourself in some way.

Life without the Sense of Taste

You could inhale the delicious aromas from your plate but if you put food in your mouth it would taste like glue or probably like nothing at all.

Life without the Sense of Smell

You couldn’t smell the perfume of flowers or the aromas of food. Even your sense of taste would desert you to some extent and food would taste different or weird.

Life without the Sense of Hearing

Communicating with people would be tough unless they spoke sign language or you hired a translator. You’d run a lot of risks as well– no one could alert you to dangers by simply shouting “watch out” nor would you be able to hear sirens or other warning sounds.

Life without any of the 5 senses would be frustrating and difficult, to say the least.

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