Subtraction Activities for Kids

Subtraction is an elementary math concept that your child will need to master early on. Use JumpStart's subtraction activities to make subtraction simple and fun to learn!

Subtraction Activities for Preschool - 5th Grade

Elementary math concepts such as addition and subtraction are the building blocks which your child needs to master before he can move on to more advanced math. Practicing subtraction regularly will give your child the confidence required to move forward in his mathematical education.

Why use subtraction activities?

Some kids find it difficult to understand concepts when they are taught through conventional methods. However, there are other not-so-conventional ways you can use to drive home subtraction skills and concepts – subtraction activities and games. These are entertaining teaching and learning aids if you are looking for stress-free means to teach your child. Also, kids seem to learn and understand better when they are entertained.

Fun Subtraction Activities Make Learning Fun

If your youngster finds it difficult to comprehend subtraction concepts using the textbook, try our free and fun subtraction activities. These are free printables that make learning subtraction a breeze for your child and provide plenty of hands-on practice in the bargain.

And when he’s done with those, don’t forget to check out our other free math worksheets.

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