Statistics Activities for Kids

Does your child find statistics dull and boring? Well, that perception is about to change with these free printable statistics activities for kids!

What is Statistics? Learn More through Fun Statistics Activities

Statistics, as you probably already know, is a form of applied math and has several meanings. It can be used to refer to:

  1. Single facts such as the number of students in your school who hate pizza
  2. Groups of numbers
  3. Methods used to collect, analyze and present data

‘Number crunching,’ as many people call it, is used by scientists and researchers to learn whether a new form of treatment or drug is useful. Manufacturers and businessmen use statistics to learn about new trends in public opinion or to offer new services or products.

You do not have to be a math pro in order to make sense of statistics. All you need is some basic knowledge of math along with some common sense.

For some extra practice, try these statistics worksheets.

Application of Statistics

As students grow up learning the nuances of statistics, they'll be able to deal in a number of activities. Our statistics activities are designed to help students understand the discipline and appreciate its importance in our lives –

  • Conduct important surveys
  • Calculate average marks of the class
  • Budget an average monthly expenditure
  • Plan important business strategies

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