Solar System Activities

Solar system activities are fun and engaging activities that teach children about the solar system through an interactive, hands-on approach. Try some of JumpStart’s solar system activities in your own classroom.

Solar System Activities for Kids

Solar system games and activities are a terrific way to learn about something as fun and exciting as the solar system. The sheer size and novelty of the solar system may make it difficult for students to comprehend. Therefore, solar system classroom activities are very important in teaching students about the sun and the planets that orbit it. Through interactive solar system activities, students will also be able to better understand related topics like night and day and the changing of the seasons on Earth.

Printable Solar System Activities

Teachers can find many free and printable solar system activities on JumpStart. Our collection of second grade solar system activities, third grade solar system activities and fourth grade solar system activities are a valuable resource for teachers who want to make their science lessons more engaging and fun.

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