Shapes Activities for Kids

Your preschooler is expected to know and identify some basic shapes and learn how they can form part of other objects. He also needs to be able to draw those shapes in a recognizable manner.You can encourage and help your child to learn about shapes by getting him to do these free printable activities designed for preschoolers on JumpStart.

Shape Activities for Kids

Why these printable shapes activities will help your child:

These activities help your youngster identify different shapes, draw them and observe how they form part of other things. Being able to draw shapes precedes the ability to form letters and write – letters, after all, consist of circles, lines and triangles. It is also the first step in learning how to draw – most objects can be broken down into basic shapes in order to be drawn. Try these free fun activities to take your child through every step of this process of learning about shapes!

And when he’s done with them, don’t forget to check out our free math activities for kids of all ages.

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