Rounding and Estimation Activities

JumpStart’s fun and interactive rounding and estimation activities are a great way to give your kids practice solving rounding and estimation problems of all kinds.

Rounding Activities

Rounding numbers is an important math skill that is easy to learn. Once kids understand the concept of rounding numbers, a little rounding practice is all they need to master the skill. Help your kids learn to round numbers and understand the uses of rounding with fun and interactive rounding numbers activities. Rounding numbers games are a great way to get kids to practice rounding numbers while having fun.

Estimation Activities

Fun estimation activities and games are available for parents and teachers who are looking for ideas on teaching estimation in a fun and engaging manner. Use our interactive estimation activities to help young students practice estimating sums and products, and to understand the practical uses of estimation in everyday life.

Importance of Rounding and Estimation Activities

Rounding and estimation are important math skills that students continue to use throughout their lives. Rounding numbers, fractions and decimals provide figures that are easier to work with than the original numbers. In everyday life, these figures help facilitate quick math calculations and give people a general idea of what to expect in a project, a transaction or an event. Students also use rounded figures for mental math operations, and to cross check answers. Using rounded or approximate figures for calculations is called estimation. Both rounding and estimation have many important practical purposes. Help your kids master the art of rounding and estimation with JumpStart’s free rounding and estimation activities.

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