Pattern Activities for Kids

Patterns are an intrinsic part of our world – you can find them in music, art, nature, math and almost everywhere. Learning to recognize, identify, extend and create patterns is an important skill that helps lay the foundation for advanced math skills. There are so many fun ways in which you can teach your child about patterns – try these fun printable pattern activities for kids.

Pattern Activities for Download

Download our free pattern activities for kids to explore and learn on JumpStart!

What benefits do pattern recognition activities offer?

  • Your child learns to use logic by practicing these interesting activities that require the application of problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • These activities are designed to enable your child to learn and understand the concept of patterns and sequencing in an engaging manner.
  • Pattern recognition activities help to reinforce kids’ understanding of basic math concepts.
  • These are exercises that help lay the foundation of logical thinking and teach your child about some basic shapes, symbols and colors.
  • The skills that your child learns here can also be applied in other areas.
  • You have a wide array of printable pattern activities to effectively teach this skill to your kids.
  • Check out these free printable patterns activities today!

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