Measurement Activities for Kids

Measuring is an important practical skill that is frequently used to carry out real life activities such as buying groceries or painting a house. Teaching your child measurement skills doesn’t have to revolve around textbooks or solving problems on paper.

Make measuring fun for your child with the free printable activities and games here on JumpStart!

Free Measuring Activities

More about Measurement Activities

Kids learn more by doing rather than listening or reading and this is truer for measurement skills than anything else. You can pique your child’s interest by engaging him with measuring real objects, making measurement a part of his daily routine. Younger children, in particular, enjoy simple activities such as arranging objects by size, while older kids are able to work with more difficult concepts such as area and perimeter.

Here are a number of hands-on activities that teach your child to measure in a fun and engaging manner. Not only are they interactive and interesting, they also help your child apply the concept of measurement to real-world contexts.

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