Math Activities for Kids

When it comes to math, a good foundation is essential. With our fun math activities for kids, numbers become friends and the basic foundation for the subject is established at an early age. Different math activities for kids of different age groups can be effective in teaching them basic but essential math concepts.

Here are some interesting grade-based math activities that parents and teachers can use to make math a whole lot of fun!

Math Activities for Preschool - 5th Grade


How Math Activities Are Beneficial

JumpStart's math activities for kids help parents and teachers gauge the extent to which children have understood different concepts and are able to apply them. Different from 'math drills' and other conventional classroom techniques, math activities make solving problems less of a task and more of a challenge for kids. They are also a great way to give a child that much-needed extra math practice.

Math Activities for Preschoolers

Use preschool math worksheets and activities to familiarize your preschooler with numbers. They help kids in recognizing numbers, and developing a basic sense of math. These will also give your preschooler a better understanding of measurements, ratios and other fundamental math concepts.

Kindergarten Math Activities

Teach your kindergartener basic math principles with our easy kindergarten math activity ideas. Math practice will always be fun with these simple activities for kindergarteners!

Also see our list of math worksheets for kindergarteners. Choose from our wide range and familiarize them with numbers so they learn to count more confidently.


Fun Math Activities for Kids

Because math is used in our day to day life, JumpStart's math activities use everyday examples to teach kids simple calculations that help them understand and remember concepts better.

It is important to ensure that kids know the basics of math perfectly before they move on to advanced mathematical concepts. Our printable math worksheets for kids serve a dual purpose – they make the practice of math fun and, consequently, make the practice of math more frequent. This could be just what (s)he needs to raise those math grades!

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