Life Science Activities

JumpStart’s free life science activities are great ways of bringing the fun back into learning. Make learning about life science a joyride for your kids by introducing them to JumpStart’s fun life sciences activities for kids.

Free Life Science Activities for Different Grades

Life science is a vast subject and there is something new to learn at each grade. It is a subject that introduces kids to a wide range of concepts including genetics, cell biology, viruses and bacteria, organisms, ecology, energy, survival and much more. As kids move from one grade to the other, they are introduced to more complex life science concepts. Don’t let this dissuade the younger learners from showing enthusiasm for the subject. The free life science activities have been designed to make learning about life science engaging and informative at the same time.

JumpStart has a large range of free and printable life science activities to choose from. Check out our extensive collection of these fun activities and print them out according to the needs of your kids!

Why is Life Science Important?

  • Science involves a lot of communication with other people.
  • Science develops patience and perseverance in kids.
  • It can help kids form a healthy dose of scepticism.
  • Science teaches kids about the world around them.
  • Science can spark in kids' minds that they, too, can help solve the world's big problems.

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