4th Grade Activities for Kids

From reading activities to science activities to math activities, you can find a variety of fun and interesting activities for 4th graders right here at JumpStart. Exciting and educational, these printable 4th grade activities are a great way to keep 9–10 year olds engaged and teach them new skills and concepts as well.

Social Studies Activities

Science Activities

English Activities

Math Activities

Holiday Activities

Fine Motor Skill Activities

Various Kinds of Activities for 4th Graders

Your fourth grader is beginning to have opinions and beliefs on a variety of subjects. He is also establishing values and is eager to express himself and take decisions on the basis of what he thinks. He is also developing a sense of humor along with a greater variety of interests. He loves collecting stuff and is realizing that factual materials can be interesting too. In fourth grade, your child will be required to do a lot of critical thinking; scan and skim through various kinds of texts for data and gather information from a wide variety of sources. He needs a lot of support and encouragement, along with more opportunities to excel.

Finding fun 4th grade activities can be quite an uphill task. This is the age when kids can easily get distracted and it is important to find activities that will hold their attention, and prove beneficial too. There are umpteen resources of fourth grade activities online that homeschooling parents and teachers can use. These activities are engaging, entertaining as well as educational in nature.

From 4th grade writing activities to help them write well, to fun internet and computer activities, the variety is impressive. We also have a wide collection of classroom activities that you can go through. Give your kids some of these activities to do and watch them sharpen various skills in the process!

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