Puzzle Games for Kids

Puzzle games are a very popular genre of online games for kids. Check out JumpStart’s free puzzle games for kids of all ages.

Free Puzzles for All Grades

Types of Puzzle Games

Kids have a very large variety of online puzzle games to choose from. Based on their age, gender and skill level, different children may prefer different types of puzzle games. Jigsaw puzzle games are mainly popular among younger players, who enjoy completing jigsaw puzzles featuring their favourite cartoon characters. Word puzzle games are a favorite among older players with good vocabulary and spelling skills. Crossword puzzles and word search puzzles are some examples of common word puzzle games. Kids also enjoy playing puzzle games that require them to use their logic and reasoning abilities in order to complete a task in a game or win a level.

Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games Online

Puzzle games are games that are based on logic and reasoning. The fun and interactive nature of online puzzle games makes them very popular among kids of all ages. Kids who regularly play puzzle games give their logic and reasoning skills some much-needed exercise. Regularly using one’s logical thinking abilities makes it stronger. Playing puzzle games strengthens the mind and slows the effects of aging on the brain. Playing puzzle games also increases concentration and the ability to focus among kids.

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