Crossword Games for Kids

A square grid with black and white blocks that require to be populated with the help of clues provided is generally called a crossword. Generally, the answers have to be written either left to right or top to bottom which are separated from one another by the black blocks. The white cells of a traditional crossword puzzle are sometimes called lights, and the shaded cells are sometimes called darks, blanks, blocks, or just simply black squares or shaded squares. If a white cell is a part of two entries – both across and down – it is called checked, keyed or crossed. Crossword games are a very popular type of word game, enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Find free, printable crossword puzzles on JumpStart for kids of all ages!

Evolution of Crossword Games

An English journalist with a New York newspaper came up with the idea of creating something ‘different’ for the kids’ games section of the Sunday edition. He created a diamond shaped grid with white squares that needed to be filled with the help of clues and quite appropriately called it a ‘word cross’. However, when it got printed by the press, it was accidentally called the crossword and thus formed the great word game on December 21st, 1913, almost a hundred years back. Crosswords gradually became a phenomenon and people got easily hooked to it. This rage has successfully made its way from traditional newspapers to our desktop computers and even smartphones. The virtual world is replete with easy and difficult crossword games and puzzles that are perfect for kids and adults alike. The wide range of printable crosswords online is fun, challenging and a great pastime – one addiction that’s desirable in all!

Playing Crossword Games is Good for You

As with other puzzle games, playing crossword games is a good way to exercise the brain. Regularly playing crossword games helps slow down the process of aging in the brain. It also helps to increase concentration and focus. In addition to this, solving crossword puzzles is an excellent way to practice vocabulary and spelling and learn new words.

Besides being great pastimes and a worthwhile hobby, crosswords are all about learning and more learning! Some of the cognitive benefits of playing crossword puzzles are great vocabulary, strong word recalls and memory, improved problem solving skills and better focus and attention. Encourage kids to indulge in a regular round of solving online crosswords for enhanced memory and a better performance in the class!

Free Online Crossword Puzzles

In response to the immense popularity of crossword games, there are hundreds of websites that offer free online crossword games for kids. Most crossword games typically follow the same format – numbered clues must be solved in order to fill squares with the correct letters, forming words and phrases. In easy crossword games for kids, the clues are simply synonyms, definitions and the like. Some crossword puzzles have images instead of verbal clues. Crossword games for adults are a lot more difficult. Cryptic crossword puzzles have clues that are puzzles in themselves, and take a great deal of practice to be able to solve. In many countries, crossword puzzles are so popular that they appear in daily newspapers. However, people all over the world can try their hand at this game through free online crossword games.

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