Comprehension Activities

Reading is meaningless without the ability to comprehend. Without basic comprehension skills, your child is simply sounding out meaningless symbols on a piece of text. He might be able to salvage a few bits of meaning from the page but he is not really reading it. Reading happens for a variety of reasons but comprehension is usually the main reason. Besides, comprehension is a vital life skill and an important part of functional literacy and vital to our physical, emotional and social development.

Support Reading Comprehension with these Activities

Here you will find a range of reading comprehension activities for your child.

What are the Benefits?

  • They have been specially designed for kindergarten and elementary school children, keeping in mind the skills and needs of each level.
  • They require children to apply critical thinking skills, deductive reasoning, logical inference and understanding of scope.
  • They effectively supplement your child’s education.
  • They are free, printable and user-friendly.

Check out our comprehension activities today! And when your little one is done with them, don’t forget to check out our free reading and comprehension worksheets for kids of all ages.

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