Composition Activities for Kids

Composition activities are a great way to get your students to write and have fun while they’re at it. Check out JumpStart’s free collection of composition activities for kids.

Composition Activities Make Writing Fun

Some kids just love composition. You will find them trying to compose a poem or story whenever they can. They’re the ones sitting on the bench during recess with a pencil and paper in hand and a faraway look in their eyes. They’re not the problem. Then there are kids who despise writing. They have a hard time composing a creative piece and find the rules of writing difficult to follow. Composition activities are just what they need. Instead of making composition seem like a boring task at school, composition activities get students writing in response to a fun situation. This puts the writer in a good mood and is a great way to provide extra writing practice – the one step guaranteed to make a person better at composition! Use the free composition activities available online to make writing enjoyable for the entire class!

Composition Activities for Kids of All Ages

Composition activities are not about writing complex stories or award-winning poetry. You can get students as young as five years to try their hand at composition activities. Composition activities for first grade focus on simple tasks like composing meaningful sentences or recognizing the different parts of speech. Kids in older grades gradually begin stringing sentences together to create short stories and poems.Composition activities for 3rd grade, 4th grade and 5th grade encourage students to try different types of writing, like composing articles for an internal newsletter, composing a descriptive piece about a person, place or thing, or composing a poem for a special occasion.

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