Building Words Activities for Kids

Building words activities are an alternative to traditional random-memorization-of-words exercises. These activities are fun, innovative and interesting enough to keep your youngster engaged with words.

Free Building Words Activities for Kids

About Building Words

Knowledge of words is one of the most crucial aspects of language learning and acquisition. Kids who acquire an extensive vocabulary tend to learn more quickly, express themselves better and think more deeply than their peers. They are also more likely to get higher than average grades. Many difficulties in their later academic career can be avoided if children’s language and literacy skills have been boosted early on.

How do you teach your child new words? Most parents or teachers expect kids to memorize a lengthy list of new words and regurgitate them during tests. Until recently, kids had to study and memorize long vocabulary lists which were then drilled into their daily lessons. This type of mindless drill has earned traditional vocabulary-building lessons a bad rap for being terribly tedious – no sooner does your youngster learn one vocabulary list, another takes its place.

Check out these free printable building words activities today!

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