Activities for 6 Year Olds

Fun and educational activities for six year olds serve as catalysts to their growth and learning. Engage your six-year-old in different kinds of activities and plant the seed of a lifelong love for learning.

JumpStart has a wide range of fun, free activities and short stories that teachers and homeschooling parents can engage kids with:


How Activities for 6 Year Olds are Beneficial

It is important for parents and teachers to ensure that the activities for six year olds promote developmental advancement. When they are, these activities work wonders in aiding the growth and learning of the kids.

There are many advantages of engaging six year olds in different kinds of activities. Since their language skills have become more sophisticated, age-specific reading activities can expose them to more advanced writing and reading levels. Simple science experiments and activities that encourage first-hand observation of causes and effects will facilitate a greater understanding of different science concepts. Kids of 6 years also have longer attention spans and can be very social. Engaging them in different games and group activities for 6 year olds can also work wonders in building their inter-personal skills.

Different Kinds of Activities for 6 Year Olds

Six year olds are generally in first grade and are in school full-time. Activities for six year olds often serve as effective teaching aids as they ensure that learning continues even outside the classroom.

JumpStart has many kinds of activities that parents and teachers can use to engage kids of this age group. From math activities and reading activities, to art activities and science activities, there is something for everyone. Most activities do not require elaborate preparation. Everyday tasks such as helping out in household chores or even playing age-appropriate board games and solving puzzles are good activities for six year olds too!

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