Activities for 5 Year Olds

Finding activities to keep a five year old busy can be quite an uphill task. Luckily for you, JumpStart has free and printable activities for 5 year olds, guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well as theirs!

With a little imagination and understanding of their unique characteristics, we have put together a bunch of activities that can be both fun and educational.

Characteristics of 5 Year Olds

Little kids are curious and restless little kids brimming with energy and enthusiasm. Therefore, activities for five year olds must keep their unique developmental characteristics in mind.

Hands-on-learning is the most effective way of teaching a 5 year old. More confident about their motor skills, they can run and jump fast, but can also be very clumsy. It is important to ensure that if you are using outdoor activities for five year olds, there should be constant adult supervision.

Five is also the year when kids unleash their imaginations. Whether it’s playing house with their dolls or staging enemy attacks with their toy soldiers, kids loving creating stories and letting their imaginations run wild. Because kids this age constantly ask questions, this is a good time to expose them to new concepts.

Different Kinds of Activities for 5-Year-Olds

Art and craft activities, reading and writing activities, indoor and outdoor activities, JumpStart has a bunch of different kinds of activities for 5 year olds. These activities will help in developing their character and in identifying their own likes and dislikes.

Pick up a pen and paper and sit down to write as you tell five year olds to make up a story. This activity is a great way to help them get more creative as they learn to think out of the box. They can play on the jungle gym, solve puzzles, and learn to read time. They also enjoy playing with stuffed toys and other board games.

Activities for five year olds could also include getting them to help out with the daily chores. This is also a good time to teach them to mind their Ps and Qs!

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