JumpStart® Blast-Off: Early Reading - Mobile Game for Kids

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JumpStart® Blast-Off: Early Reading


  • JumpStart® Blast-Off: Early Reading
  • JumpStart® Blast-Off: Early Reading
  • JumpStart® Blast-Off: Early Reading
  • JumpStart® Blast-Off: Early Reading
  • JumpStart® Blast-Off: Early Reading


Help your child learn key early reading skills! Perfect for your 6-8 year old!

Explore a mysterious cavern packed with reading skills and fun with your child in JumpStart® Blast Off: Early Reading! Armed with their brains, jetpack and blaster, your child will blast through correct answers and zap away the incorrect ones as they race for top score. Beware of the pesky punk punks that are out to stop your child.

With 19 lessons designed to teach key early reading skills, this educational game will help children master the skills to excel in school.

Equip your child with a strong reading foundation. Your child will develop key educational skills such as word recognition and sounds, early grammar classification, and more. Through listening and interacting with words, elementary school learners will enjoy a comprehensive reading and learning experience found only through JumpStart® Blast-off: Early Reading!

App Features

  • 19 lessons focusing on beginning phonics and early reading so your young learner can get ahead!
  • Key educational skills your child will learn:
    • Word recognition and sounds
    • Early phonics with key emphasis on word pronunciation
    • Grammar classification and usage
  • Many progressive levels of game play for your young learner to master!
  • Amazing 3D graphics and catchy music that your child will love!
  • Choose Tilt or Joystick controls so your child can pick up and play immediately!

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